Coaching & mentoring

Personal development and mindset coaching

Whatever you want to achieve and wherever you are in your journey, personal development and mindset coaching can help you to get where you want to go.

Do you have a desire to:

  • Discover and clarify your personal vision and legacy;
  • Set goals and objectives;
  • Sharpen time and energy management;
  • Discover your area of specialisation in terms of your career;
  • Cultivate a greater appreciation or value for your uniqueness;
  • Overcome bad habits and develop good habits;
  • Overcome self-sabotaging mindsets and adopt empowering mindsets;
  • Overcome procrastination;
  • Become focused on what matters most to you;
  • Take responsibility for your life;
  • Find true long-term mentors;
  • Become who you were created to be.

If you resonate with any of the aforementioned desires, or if there are other outcomes you want to achieve, then personal development and mindset coaching will be very beneficial to you. I use Master Reset: Legacy, a book/course that I developed, as a coaching tool for personal development. If you want a better idea of the content that I have to offer, I would encourage you to purchase this book on the resources page of this website.


"I have found that when you go through life isolated, you have nothing to challenge / sharpen your way of thinking, viewpoints and even beliefs.
Under the life coaching of Nigel Brown, I have learnt the art of understanding how the decisions that I make today, need to be aligned with my desired outcome for tomorrow. This can only be achieved by attaining a healthier me that has dealt with past hurts, beliefs and mindsets.
- Windsor Van Vollenhoven

I feel that it is beneficial to be open and receptive to the input of a life coach, as it is often helpful to hear a new perspective on things you are already familiar with. A life coach should therefore be someone who you can trust to be honest in a way that will not demean your character. Indeed, someone such as Nigel.

Nigel has had a wonderful impact on me as I was in the stage of figuring out who I am. Nigel was always able to offer fresh and interesting perspectives or ideas on things in and around my life, and is someone who I consider to be very wise. Nigel encouraged me to discover the truest version of myself and in doing so, to share myself with others. Self-discovery has has been a wonderful journey for me thus far, and sharing myself with others has been a blessing to me and to many whom I have come in contact with.

I have been encouraged to regularly assess my life to determine if this is the path I am meant to be on, and if who I am (currently) is who I should (and want to) be. Nigel's coaching has assisted me wonderfully in this regard..
- Jerry Langenhoven

Relationship coaching

Relationship coaching is beneficial for:

  • single people desiring to be in a relationship.
  • couples wanting to get married and in search of tools to prepare them for commitment and a life together.
  • married couples wanting to deepen their relationship, or to work through recurring issues or patterns.
  • married couples who are separated or separating, desiring to make a decision about whether to stay together or part ways.
  • anyone wanting to improve a work or family relationship.
To date, my wife and I have been married for just over seven years. In these seven years of marriage, we have overcome many obstacles as a couple. Some of our victories in marriage include:
  • We’ve settled a mountain of financial debt.
  • We’ve changed our lifestyle from unhealthy eating habits and lack of physical exercise, to a healthy nutritional lifestyle and regular exercise. Together, we have lost a combined weight of about 45.5kg (100 pounds).
  • We’ve sharpened our communication with each other and have become intentional about meeting each other’s needs.
  • We’ve successfully mentored and empowered unmarried couples with useful tips and tools, to prepare them for marriage.
  • We’ve coached married couples to help them overcome similar challenges that we’ve overcome.

Since Zuléne was my partner in accomplishing these victories in our marriage, she will co-facilitate these coaching sessions with me.

Spiritual formation coaching

Coaching for spiritual formation provides a practical framework, where you’ll learn to recognise the different stages of spiritual maturity, overcome barriers to growth, reset disempowering mindsets, and how to progress in knowing and following Christ.

While considering your own spiritual journey and walk with God, you will be encouraged to identify specific areas in need of progress, places where you may feel “stuck”, and possibilities for personal growth.

With over two decades of spiritual coaching experience, Nigel will help you understand your unique place in God’s plan and purpose. You will be set on the path to becoming a mature follower of Christ, who accurately represents His nature and character in your sphere of influence.

Group coaching

If you have a group of people who desire to go on a coaching journey together (relating to personal development, mindset, relationship or spiritual growth coaching), then our group coaching option is for you. Some of the benefits of group coaching include:

  • Camaraderie with one another.
  • Greater accountability.
  • Cultivating amazing relational bonds.
  • Listening to one another’s experiences and offering each other feedback.
  • Witnessing firsthand how others apply the transformational principles, learnt in their coaching journey. This in turn will accelerate the rate at which each person in the group will overcome their own challenges, and reach their goals.
  • A more cost-effective alternative to one-on-one coaching.

What is the purpose of a discovery call?

A discovery call is complimentary and is up to 15min.

In a discovery call:​

  • You identify your needs and concerns.
  • You clarify your objectives and outcomes.
  • I will briefly explain the coaching process.
  • We discuss engagement time frames and cost.
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