About Master Reset

'Master reset' is an I.T. term that refers to the restoration of an electronic device to its original default settings, or to the state it was in when it left the factory. A default setting is the way a device was originally configured to operate by its creator or manufacturer. This process removes all settings, applications and data that was added by the user. The term is often heard in reference to smartphones and tablets. Technicians normally advise a master reset of your device for the following reasons:

• it’s malfunctioning;
• to remove a file(s) or viruses that are difficult to remove;
• to clear the memory space on the device;
• to remove personal information from the device before selling it or giving it away.

More about Master Reset

In the same way, the 40-Day Master Reset Journeys were designed to restore your mindset to your Creator’s original 'default settings', or to the way your Creator originally configured you to think. We all grew up in different environments and have diverse experiences. The environment(s) you were raised in and all the things you’ve experienced up to this point, have shaped you into the person you are today. If you’ve ever thought: “There must be more to my life than this.” - the 40-Day Master Reset Journeys will be very useful and meaningful to you.

About the Author

Nigel Brown has functioned in leadership and pastoral ministry for over two decades. During this time, he has raised up leaders and volunteer leadership teams in various areas of ministry. Nigel and his wife (as a couple) have mentored married and unmarried couples. He has helped many people discover their life’s purpose and vision, and set them on the path to fleshing it out.

He is a life coach, mentor, an author, a leadership developer, cultural architect, change manager, mediator, trainer, facilitator and a public speaker. Nigel is a life long learner, always seeking to sharpen his skills and character by reading and allowing his mentors to speak into his life.

He does this with the goal of accurately representing Christ, and to better serve others - starting with his family. Nigel is married to Zuléne and they are proud parents of two children - Caleb and Daniel. Nigel’s greatest calling in life is to be a faithful, Christlike husband and a loving father.

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